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Junkosha is high technology company based in Japan. Diplex is pleased to be marketing Junkosha’s line of Microwave Coaxial Cable Assemblies.

Junkosha was founded in 1954 to manufacture and sell polymer products, which drew intense interest as high-technology materials in Japan at the time. Since then, Junkosha has steadfastly pushed ahead with its technology-focused research and development efforts, successfully developing the world’s first molten fluorocarbon polymer (FEP) products in 1961 and introducing JUNFLON® FEP tubes and JUNFLON® FEP wires and cables. With the dawning of the computer age, the outstanding electrical characteristics provided by these products—Junkosha’s FEP wires and cables in particular—led to wide acceptance in the Japanese market and overwhelming market support. In 1969, Junkosha entered into a technological partnership with W.L. Gore of the United States. This strategic move expanded and enhanced Junkosha’s operations in the area of high-performance, highly reliable products and led to the acquisition of new manufacturing technologies for PTFE fluoropolymers.

Junflon® Microwave Coaxial Cable Assemblies (MWX) are flexible signal transmission lines that take advantage of the remarkable properties of fluoropolymers. They have been demonstrated in applications up to 67 GHz range. MWX feature low insertion loss and low VSWR; less signal leakage and interference due to high shielding effectiveness; and higher density packaging applications. Junkosha offers highly reliable product line up for micro/millimeter wave applications to meet customers’ needs.